Details of Outdoor Open Play

  • A donation of $2 per person per day is appreciated. Upon entering the courts the donation can be deposited into the drop box which is hanging on the fence immediately to your right.
  • All balls are provided for the games.
  • There are six courts which have been divided and designated for games according to a player’s skill level.
  • Courts 1, which is the first court upon entering the facility, is for Beginner and Novice players.
  • Courts 2, 3, and 4, which is the middle left front court and two middle and right back courts, are for Open Recreational play for Intermediate and Advanced players.
  • Courts 5 and 6, two far left courts, are reserved for Challenge Court play designed for Intermediate and Advanced players desiring more competitive play..
  • There are white boards hanging on the fence to your right which are used to organize the games on courts 1 through 4.
  • The front board, adjacent to court 1, is for organizing games for Beginners and Novices on court 1.
  • The back board, adjacent to court 2, is for organizing games for Open Recreational Play on courts 2, 3 and 4.
  • To enter into a game write your name into an open box, either in a row which already contains other players’ names, or in a blank row to organize a new game.
  • If you want to play a game with a specific person or group you can write in the name(s) of the other players ONLY when all in the group are out and waiting to play. There is NO reserving of a spot/row on the board.
  • When a court is available the next row of players goes out for their game and erases their names from the board.
  • Beginner/Novice players wishing to improve their skills can always enter games with Intermediate/Advanced players with the understanding the I/A players will not play down to the lower skill level, so the game is more challenging.
  • Intermediate/Advance players can always enter games with the Beginner/Novice players with the intent of providing coaching/teaching to help improve their skills, in which case I/A players should play down to the lower skill level so the game is instructional.

Challenge Courts

Challenge Court play is  available to players on selected courts during Group reserved hours where space permits dedicating one or more courts to Challenge Court play. While Challenge Court play is intended for intermediate to advanced play, ANY player may elect to play on a Challenge Court, and no other player may discourage or restrict them from doing so. However, players electing to play on a Challenge Court should understand that all players on these courts are expecting a challenging game and will not be expected to "go easy’” on anyone. 

Challenge Court play is conducted on a first come – first served basis on any court not being utilized for Open Play or for novice training. A “challenge” means that players of generally similar skill level as the group of four currently playing individuals, give notice to play the winners of a current Challenge Court game. Notice is given by adding a challenging player's name to a White Board for the Challenge Courts. 

Once a current Challenge Court game has ended, the following options are available:

  1. If the winning players (assuming both are eligible to continue) state that they wish to remain and play together as a team, they will play against a team made up of the first two challengers listed on the White Board. However, in all cases winning individual players must vacate the court after they have completed two consecutive games (unless there are no challenging players waiting). 
  2. Alternatively, if the winning players (assuming both are eligible to continue) state that they wish to split up, the first two players on the White Board will each team up with one of the winning players as mutually agreed by the four players on the court. 
  3. In the event that one member of the winning team must sit down having already played two consecutive games, the third player on the White Board will team up with the remaining winning player and play against the first two challenging players.
  4. If both winning players must sit out the next game, the third and fourth players on the White Board will form a team taking on the first two challenging players.

The option to remain together for the next game or to split up is the choice of the winning players, provided that both players are eligible to play another game.

Players are encouraged not to play exclusively on the Challenge Courts. Our more advanced players should consider themselves ambassadors of the sport, and as such, are encouraged to play some games on the Open Play courts and to use those games to mix with other players and to practice aspects of their soft game.

Closing Procedure

  • Nets rolled, frames disassembled and both put into storage bag.
  • Empty ball holders into the blue bin.
  • Take down the small net hanging between the tennis nets.
  • Take down the two whiteboards.
  • Put markers and erasers into ziploc bag and put into the blue bin with the balls.
  • Take down donation box.
  • ll are placed into the storage box.
  • All are placed into the storage box.

Locking the Storage Bin

  • May have to “push up” on the lid from the center edge to take pressure off the hinge supports. While pushing up pull the center of the hinge support out to release it, holding the lid up and then lowering it slowly. BE CAREFUL…it is heavy and can slam down.
  • Once closed slide the latch under the master lock to the “latched” position. If the latch won’t move you may have to push down on the lid and then move the latch over.
  • Push in the master lock. It only goes in ¼” or so to lock.
  • Check the key lock box to make sure it is closed and the combination is spun so it is not on the opening combination.