Signing Up for Indoor Play


Indoor play on Monday and Wednesday mornings at HYCC

Two time blocks of "open" indoor play are scheduled each Monday and Wednesday:

  • 1st Session: 8:00 am - 10:00 am
  • 2nd Session: 10:15 am - 12:15 pm

The cost per session charged by HYCC is $4 and Barnstable Pickleball is requesting a $1 donation to offset our program expenses (balls, nets, whiteboards and markers, tarps, etc.).

If interested in playing you first must register with Barnstable Pickleball by sending your email address to

Sign up to play process

Signing up for “open” play will be done via a link to the Doodle website which will bring you to the sign up page.

  • The link will be emailed to those registered with Barnstable Pickleball and who have requested to be on the Indoor Sign-up Email List. It will be sent on Saturday at 5:00 PM to sign up for “open” play on Monday, and sent on Monday at 5:00 PM to sign up for “open” play on Wednesday.
  • 26 people will be allowed to sign up per time block. See below on how to be added to a Wait List.
  • The Doodle link may not be “active” in all email servers. If it is not active, you must open a new browser and copy and paste the link’s URL into the address space and it will open.
  • The sign up page will stay open for twenty-eight hours from when it is sent.
  • At the end of twenty-eight hours it will close and you will not be able to edit your information.
  • Upon arriving at HYCC you should check in by putting "OK" next to your name and paying your fee.
  • If you are substituting for someone put a line through their name and write your name in that space.
  • NO “DROP IN” PLAYERS ARE ALLOWED. If someone comes to play who has not signed up please direct them to our website for information on registering and signing up for future play.
  • The first group must start their last game before 10:00, but can complete games started on time. 
  • Players signed up for the second group scheduled for 10:15 may start games anytime after 10:00 if a court becomes vacant. 
  • All should help with equipment set up and take down.

Sign up guidelines

  • You must be registered with Barnstable Pickleball to sign up. The name of a non-registered person will be DELETED.
  • Enter your full name, first and last, so all know who you are. Incomplete names will be DELETED.
  • The system will allow you to only sign up for one time block per day.
  • If you share an email with someone (like your spouse) you have to do two entries. DO NOT enter two names in one block. Two names in a block will be DELETED.
  • To enter a second name, there is a block above the list of players names with # participants followed by a + sign. Click on the + sign and it will open a new name block in which you can enter the other person’s name.
  • There is a counter under the time in each column showing how many have signed up. Once 26 have signed up the system will not allow any additional sign ups.
  • If for any reason you do not want to play just exit the site. DO NOT click on the box in the lower right corner that says “DONE Cannot Attend.” That box is only for adding your name to the wait list.

Editing your sign up

To change your time, remove your name from the list, or move from the wait list to a scheduled time, click on your name and a blue pencil will appear next to your name. Clicking on it will allow for an edit. It will also reveal a trash can to the left of your name and clicking on it will remove your name from the list.


If after signing up you cannot play you can arrange for a substitute either before or after the list closes.


  • First check how many are signed up for your time slot.
  • Then check the comments to see if someone is on the wait list for that time slot. If no one is on the wait list then just delete your name (see editing your sign up). If yes, then:
  • Contact the person on the wait list to sub for you.
  • Once the sub has been confirmed, send notification to to edit your and the sub’s entries on the list to insure the spot is taken by the sub you contacted.


  • Check the comments to see if some is on the wait list for that time. If no one is waiting then do nothing (you will not be able to edit a closed list). If yes, then:
  • Contact the person on the wait list to sub for you.
  • Once the sub has been confirmed no further action is necessary since the list cannot be edited.

Wait List

If the time you would like to play is full and you would like to be on a “wait list” for an opening: 

  • In the name box: enter your full name (you will not be able to select a time).
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list (page) and find the “Comments” section.
  • Enter into the comments the time(s) you would like to play and your preferred method of contact (phone #, email address, or both)
  • Then click “SEND Cannot Attend.”

Signing up for a second session

  • When the list is closed the number players signed up will be totaled at the bottom of each time column.
  • If the total is less than 26, then on the day of play, if you would like to play in a second session, either coming early or staying later, when you arrive at the courts, write in your name under the time column in which you are going to play, and pay the $5 session fee.
  • First come first served on filling the openings until it reaches our cap of 26 players.
  • Please respect the agreed upon and established guidelines regarding the maximum number of players per session.