Details of Indoor Open Play

Playing at the scheduled times is done by on-line sign up. An email is sent to all those registered two days before scheduled play sessions on Monday and Wednesday morning. There will be a link in the email for the sign up screen. You may sign up for one two hour block each day. A maximum of twenty-six players is allowed at each time. A wait list is available. A confirmation list of all who have signed up to play will be emailed the day before.

  • Upon entering the gymnasium, cross off your name on the list of scheduled players, which is on a clipboard on the bleacher bench, and deposit the fee into the blue envelope.
  • All balls are provided for the games.
  • A white board grid is used to organize all games.
  • Write your name into an open box, either in a row which already contains other players’ names, or in a blank row to organize a new game.
  • If you want to play a game with a specific person or group you can write in the name(s) of the other players ONLY when all in the group are out and waiting to play. There is NO reserving of a spot/row on the board.
  • When a court is available the next row of players goes out for their game and erases their names from the board.
  • When your game is finished, to enter another game, write your name in an empty box on the board, then have a seat on the bleachers to rest, recover and socialize while waiting for your next game.